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Barbie Banned …..

Not yet …. but again, instead of teaching our kids that everyone does not and does not need to look like Barbie – a state delegate would rather take the route of starting censorship (beginning the trend of allowing government censorship and loss of freedom).

  • Doesn’t he have better things to do like suggesting how to get the starving people of his state fed?
  • It’s nice that he cares about women’s images …. but what happens when censorship gets to the point of the government telling women how they should feel about their looks after he kick started censorship on the subject.
  • Why hasn’t he moved to North Korea? Wouldn’t he feel more at home there?

BTW … reference article on KDKA here.


PS – I guess he doesn’t think the parents in his state are capable of teaching common sense to their children. Sad.

2nd PS – Is he actually serious ???

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