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We told ya so …. Pittsburgh schools get rid of 50 percent minimum


We all saw this one coming. The biggest complaint about the 50 percent minimum grade being used in Pittsburgh schools was that the students would take the option of doing nothing an getting at least a 50 percent on their grade. The people on the pro side of the issues pushed that students most likely would not do that, and they would take the initiative of using the opportunity to recover their grades.

Right …… obviously these people were not teenagers at any point in their life …. because if you let a child take the easy way out as a choice – they most likely will.

So ….. yup, the kids did …. and as we say …. “we told ya so”

Kind of like that “feel good” way of schooling they tried in the late 80s and 90s. Those kids ended up being useless in the workplace ….. hmmm, I see a pattern with our school administrators here (bad decision after bad decision).

The bad thing with all of this bad rap …. I known many Pittsburgh school teachers and a few vice principals and principals over they years – and they are actually good.

Anyway … here is a reference article from the PG for ya and in the Tribune-Review.

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