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The economy that …. well …. might not


Remember those brick and cobblestone hills?  They were a little harder to get up if you didn’t have experience on them.  The economy is that way right now … any you can tell who has had experience dealing with crisis’ previously.   Pittsburgh itself is one of those places.  Most cities right now are held in a stronghold of paranoia to a point where people have basically gone back to the depression days ways of sticking their money under the floorboards. To them, the cobblestone or brick road with the stop sign at the bottom is a black and white statement – STOP! Don’t go further.

Pittsburgh is different.  We are struggling, but we are still holding to the one of the newer areas for small to mid level and advanced manufacturing, software development, etc.  We have businesses grown income from 5% to 43%.  It would be nice to see our news stations actually highlight that a bit more.  It would help our image quite a bit more.  Pittsburgh has become, again, ‘the little engine that could’ and not ‘The Economy that … well … might not”.

Fortunately, Pittsburghers are natively ornery types that have problems noticing things like stop signs.  Now, if you are crossing a street, that’s a bad thing …. but if you are trying to make it though a failing economy, it’s a very good thing – our businesses will still be intact and recoverable, our housing will still be affordable, and we will be leaders in whatever springs up as the national economy recovers.

We’ will be where everyone else could have been if they would have just walked a few steps past the stop sign.

Pittsburghers don’t quit … neither does our economy.


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