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The Corporate Jet

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sitting in the dealership waiting for my car to be inspected, I have a view of the County Airport where most of the corporate jets for Pittsburgh CEOs are kept.  At this point in the economy, you almost expect it to resemble a used car lot with signs hanging off of Lear Jets like “great deal …. only flown above 30,000 feet twice” or “owned by an old executive and garage kept”.  Actually the airport is expanding, and when I’ve been over my father’s house (which is directly under the landing path of the jets) I’ve actually noticed an increase in landings.  Seems odd for a time when CEOs are supposedly selling off all of their corporate luxury assets.

Hmmmmm ……. either things aren’t as bad as they seem, or the CEOs aren’t being completely honest with us – but that would never happen, right?

The funny thing is, when you look at the corporate jet, it’s where many people dream to be … a place and position where ethics, morals, and laws are perceived to not apply.  It has actually become part of the American Dream. Now, I don’t know where or when that dream switched from getting married, buying a house, and having children to making your way up the corporate ladder, making over six digits in pay, and having your own corporate jet – but it needs to revert back to the basics.

Now, I’m one all for change, bettering oneself, and getting or doing things different than the previous generation – but doing those things to the point where the only way to accomplish your them is to live in extreme excess, scam people, and commit fraud is just plain wrong no matter where you come from or what religion you base your beliefs on.

America ….. it’s time to reset our values back to what they once were.

Maybe paying for things in cash and living within our mean like our grandparents was not such a bad thing.

Maybe a 50 inch TV is really overkill in a 10×10 room ….. even if your best friend Jack has one.

Maybe we really don’t have to be and look better than the neighbors.

Maybe America just needs to go back to working hard, living well, and being the nation that people dream about living in.


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