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A New Coffee Town Named Pittsburgh

February 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


One industry is really picking up in Pittsburgh. Coffee.

Now, I should really pick on these people, because in my day you just poured it. You might have also been able to get a donut in a coffee house, or coffee in a donut shop. Things have changed.

Today, coffee and things related have really grown into an art form. Everything from the selection of beans to a roasting style. The final brewed product has arrived at a level that parallels much gourmet food production. We’ve hosted the best ever attended regional Barista competition, and considering that coffee is an international attraction itself adds to the tourist pull for Pittsburgh. The coffee houses have gone from the hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that my father once owned in the South Hills Junction to ones comparable to four and five star restaurants.

One of the amazing things to change is that no longer is the Mr Coffee machine the only way people are brewing coffee, many are going back to the proper and/or traditional way of using a French Press and the like. People are actually buying locally roasted Pittsburgh Coffee and not just the warehouse stocked major brands. Although this doesn’t seem much to many ….. it can be a huge industry for the local region. It can also spawn multiple sub-industries in the areas of entertainment, service, etc.

My favorite sites to visit in Pittsburgh are Kiva Han and Crazy Mocha – both Pittsburgh venues that I prefer to support. 21st Street Coffee is also a wonderful establishment to visit in the trendy Strip District of Pittsburgh. A very recent article in The Post-Gazette really shows and highlights how the coffee industry has grown in Pittsburgh to the point where someday we will probably claim leadership in that industry. China Millman will also add to his dining column in the Post-Gazette in print and The Buzz on the the PG’s website online.

No longer is the coffee house a place for just old people to gather, or a place for teenagers to make minimum wage, or a hole-in-the-wall in a community – it is now a place of talent, friendship, skill, culinary aromas, family, and careers.

The fast growing coffee industry in Pittsburgh is proof that this city will re-invent itself in ways we have never thought of nor expected.


P.S. Don’t be cheap …. tip your Barista.

…. AGAIN … don’t be cheap …. tip your Barista.


Coffee Tree – Pittsburgh Coffee Roasters with multiple locations.

Kiva Han – Pittsburgh Coffee House and Roaster in Oakland.

Crazy Mocha – Pittsburgh Coffee House with multiple locations.

Voluto Coffee – Coffee House on Penn Avenue in Garfield.

La Prima – Coffee Roasters and Coffee House with multiple locations in Pittsburgh.

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