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Nothing to write about

February 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have nothing to write about …. but I’ll post something anyway.  Maybe I could just mention that I had problems finding my socks today, my wife was sick, my dog head butted me in the face. Naaa .. I’d rather talk about the fact that I wasn’t invited to any Oscar’s parties this year.

Now, I know the economy sucks … but as humans are we truly sensible enough to cut out things as vane and perceivably useless as Oscar Parties?  No – we are not ….. so where the ^&$%&^ were my invitations?  You’d think the Pittsburgh film guru’s would swing me a ticket to Lights! Glamour! Action! so I’d give them a good write-up. Nooooooooo …. didn’t get that in the mail.

You’d think some friends would invite me over for one, but nooooooooo.

Oh wait …… was this my year to host?



P.S.  If this made absolutely no sense to you …. kudos.   If it made a ton of sense to you – please seek professional help.

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