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Looks Good Under A Sunset

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City Of Pittsburgh Sunset

Dazed and confused about what to do with your city and how to clean it up? Here is a tidbit of SWB viewpoint.

Did you ever notice that any city, large or small looks great with a sunrise or sunset? Shots like the one above always gets used for opening city shots, and shots just before a major gang killing outburst. Kind of interesting and a little bit of a contrast between natural and violent beauty.

Look at it this way: The beauty of a sunrise pretty much gets shot down once you get to the next scene in a movie where you get to see the environment us people have created. Now this doesn’t mean that all things people have done are bad, or all cities have volatile gang violence, etc … but maybe it’s a way of highlighting that just because the sun shines on something, that doesn’t mean that once you get there it’s going to look like The Garden of Eden – there is a good chance it might resemble your kid’s bedroom.

So it’s green garbage bag and mop and bucket time.

What do you do from here? Here is my suggestion:

If your kid has a messy room …. don’t punish them by making them clean it. They should have done it anyway, and basically you are going to end up doing it. Instead, hand them a bottle of cleaner, a bucket, a mop and stick them on a bus to the city nearest you that needs cleaning. Tell them when their portion of the city they decide to clean “looks good under a sunset” they can come home – then go clean their room.

A few things will happen: You kid’s room will remain eternally clean, because they will never be able to finish the task you have given them, thus never returning home. They will probably become more educated communicating with the people watching them try to clean their section of the city – because those people probably hold more knowledge than the universities and colleges surrounding them. You will also end up spend a whole lot less money – you might actually be able to retire.

Any takers on the idea?


P.S. This is another one of those articles where if it makes sense to you we suggest you seek out professional help.

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