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Clueless and Confused: It’s a State Of Mind

February 20, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


OK …. I *was* going to wait a week or two to start this series, but a letter that my step-daughter brought home from her school district (Quaker Valley) inspired me to start much earlier. If you are not familiar QV is a proclaimed (in my opinion self-proclaimed compared to the elementary schools I went to) blue ribbon school with middle class, upper-middle class, and affluent peoples attending. Many of the parents that have their children attending also went to this school district – supposedly fairly smart people. Keep this in mind when reading the following:

Most parents push hard for their children to learn the basics of “look left and right before crossing the street, or parking lot, etc”. Obviously there are a few parents that avoid listening to their own words.

The letter that was sent home with our child stated that a few buses crashed into each other when a parent and child ran in front of the bus to cross the street or parking lot – the parent leading the way … not the child. Now, I may be overly protective of the safety of the child I am responsible for, so maybe thinking that keeping a child away from the big yellow moving four ton bus is a good idea is over-kill by some peoples standards. Personally I don’t think so.


Remember clueless usually produces clueless, and SWB’s first clueless award of the year goes to the parent who dragged their kid in front of the bus. Try a little harder next time and maybe you’ll make the Darwin Awards and help clean up the gene pool in the area.

Remember – be safe and don’t play “tag” with buses.


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