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The Economy May Be Worse Than We Thought

February 19, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

chains120208Chains Of Government

No …. really???

Everyone is saying Obama now realizes the economy may be worse than thought and may take longer to recover. Now, I know this man is fairly smart – so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and figure he is bracing everyone for the time it would take to recover the economy in the first place and let everyone know the God-send that the press made him is not going to make the economy recover any faster.

And, Of course the Dems are making a few trade-offs to get the package moving before the economy crashes beyond the point of no return. And, of course, the Republicans are trying to discredit Obama and the Dems (you get cranky when you lose power).

Who knows, the Dems may fail, making Obama look really bad and discredit the Dems themselves, but then again things may work and the Republicans may lose power for more than four years. The funny thing is that when the Republicans were in power they fully supported (maybe not the way Bush wanted to do it because they were distancing themselves from him) dumping the same amount of money into the economy to help recover it.

Welcome to the real world of politics folks – the systems of “checks and balances” went south a long time ago. I fully envision Lincoln growing hair in his grave just so he can pull it out again in frustration with our current government.

– Just my opinion ….. everyone has their’s.

P.S. The ‘tunnel of doom’ subway that the Port Authority Of Pittsburgh is drilling may just be saved by the recovery package …. YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! <—- Try to note the extreme lacing of sarcasm in this last statement.

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