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Kids Busted for Wearing Arab Headgear

February 18, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


If you don’t know what a kaffiyehs, it’s a red-and-white scarves that Arabs wear to as a sign of their Middle Easter Heritage.

Well obviously in Gateway High School, showing your heritage is very offensive. the kids were told to take them off because it symbolizes hate and terrorism. It’s seems the suburbanites have been watching too much TV.

What these kids are doing is about their heritage, not their religion or beliefs.

What the principal is doing is about the same as an Irish boy coming to school in traditional garb and the principal telling him that “that skirt you are wearing is offensive, take it off”.

Nothing like keeping discrimination alive and well and keeping Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas known for that … here is the reference article.

To the parents and students that complained …. get a life. Maybe if you would come out of your boxes for a while and meet these people you would know they are in no way a threat to you.

Updated 02/18/2009 at 12:52:

According to KDKA the students are now allowed to wear their traditional garb. Nothing like a school narrowly missing a major lawsuit and a principal narrowly escaping his own firing.

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