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North Shore Connector having money issues again


Again ….. go figure,

Again ….. Pittsburgh didn’t need it,

Again ….. The best example of the worst waste of money EVER in the city of Pittsburgh!!

Again ….. Proof that when the residents say it’s a waste of time and don’t want it, the city and county DO NOT LISTEN (same thing when the residents voted against TWO stadiums).

Again ….. Proof that corruptions and favors will prevail over good business decisions,

As much as I like Luke …. maybe Peduto needs to get in a position of power (at least his idea of refurbishing rail lines to Oakland and surrounding areas is something that would actually benefit the city).


I personally hope that this project fails and does not get bailed out. If it gets bailed out, more useless projects like this will be created and waste even more of the city and county’s monies – pulling that funding away from useful projects (ya know ….. like educating our kids so they can do something other than dunk fries).

Reference Article on KDKA

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