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We Have Been In A Recession Since December 2007


… and they JUST figured this out???

Is this a knee-jerk reaction to getting kicked HARD in the gonads ….. or are the expert financial analysts seriously saying it really took them this long to figure out we were in a recession?? The rest of the United States figured that out somewhere around January 2008.

Oh, wait …. I keep on forgetting, this was an election year. the party-in-power would NEVER admit to anything that would immediately blow their chances of staying in. If two meteors were headed for Earth, with one that would hit, and one that wouldn’t and they government accidentally destroyed the wrong one —- they would NEVER admit that in an election year, even if the Earth was going to END.

I’ve always wanted to be a weather person, because you can be wrong 60% of the time and still keep your job. Now I want to be an economic export ….. because now you can hold back for a whole year telling a whole nation that their economy sucks and still keep your job – most likely getting kudos.

Even Farmer Jim figured this one out a while back ….. yinz guys in Washington are a tad bit slow …..


Reference AP Article that appeared in the Post-Gazette

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