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The Short One’s Black Cloud

November 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments


Very rarely do you get the chance to harass your wife via your blog via her blog – but I’m getting that chance, so I’m taking it! Supposedly she has this little black cloud around her (which I doubt, but may actually have been the one that dropped that **** single flake of snow that the dogs and I had to fight over after being cheated out of the snowstorm the “meteorologists” predicted).

Of course, I may be wrong, and maybe that’s not actually piddle on the floor in the living room and just something that came out of her little black cloud (hmmmm ….. I seem to remember little black books from my younger days – not little black clouds. That statement should generate some conversation between us at Light Up Night tonight. But when reality sets in she’ll realize I was as computer geek back then, and those little black books weren’t mine.  Hopefully that will happen before I get hit).

BTW … she’s going the become the other half of the SWB blog soon …. so harass her a little and get her wit up (or just harass her a little … ur choice).

But check out her blog and remember one thing: Life is never as bad as your own mind makes it (The Pirates being the exception ….. I’m sure life really IS AS BAD as their minds make it).


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