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Pittsburgh, City Of Pigeons

November 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

… Sorry, no pigeon pics in stock.

Well, The Burgh Blog is gone, and so is PittGirl ….. and everyone is still trying to figure out who she was. I was a fan too, so basically y’all or yinz need to drop it and get a life …..

but …..

I did hear a report about the pigeons flying the “missing man” formation while dive-bombing a brunette talking on a cell phone near Pittsburgh today ….. hmmmm ….. could it have been?

….. oh wait, I think that was just a local politician in disguise leaving a meeting with one of his mistresses after cutting a deal for a new Viagra billboard on the side of the Carnegie, and the pigeons were actually trying to help out.

Still best wishes and hope for all the bloggers that aspire to eighty thousand hits a month.


PS ….. I think the pigeons are having a private party at Diesel tonight.

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