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UPMC Screws Hope Again

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There are a few things that blatantly give SW material for this blog. The most popular being idiots, local government (sorry to be redundant there), and UPMC (sorry to be redundant again).

Well, UPMC is cutting costs again ….. they are being hit by hard times ….. of course they never mention that they usually have enough left over cash to completely save most third world countries – and they claim non-profit. I think the mayor should schedule a pity party for UPMC in downtown Pittsburgh so we can donate money to help them out.

Besides the usual crap UPMC gets away with, part of the cost cutting they are doing is killing House Of Hope. It’s a program in not so scenic Braddock that helps homeless mothers, crack addicted mothers, etc recover. The fact that it works so well, is seen by many as amazing – there no other programs like it, and probably won’t be if it goes away. Here is the problems with it:

1. It’s effective, so it probably doesn’t last long enough to get more and more government funding that UPMC so cherishes.

2. It doesn’t get repeat customers – so add no. 1 to the end of this.

3. It’s in a low income area – in other words they probably wouldn’t want to take their higher up types into the area to show off the program – it might not look nice. Braddock isn’t exactly seen as a corporate fishbowl area.

Basically if it’s not profitable or doesn’t look cool – UPMC doesn’t want it. Considering UPMC has refused for so long to give back to the city and surrounding areas, killing a program that as the PG writer says “probably costs less than running the UPMC sign on the USX tower” is more than offensive. It only supports five people at a time.

As usual UPMC = a special class of greedy idiots

If you think I’m wrong in that, think this way: cancer = profit …… then look at how much UPMC invests in cancer. Once cancer is not profitable, they will drop that too.

Pittsburgh PG Reference Article

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