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Getting Married – Wedding Bells This Weekend

Here Comes The Bride …….

First things first … “Here Comes The Bride ….. ” thank God, does not apply to me. Even though I have spent quite a bit of time, and spend time down in Pittsburgh’s SouthSide – it hasn’t affected my lifestyle choices THAT much 🙂

I am very happy to announce I am getting married to a woman that is extremely perfect for me. Along with that blessing, I get an instant family including an 8-year old (in other words I get to play with toys again and NOT end up in a rubber room). We will be getting married in scenic Gatlinburg – unless there is a freak snowstorm in the mountains on the way down …. then we will be getting married wherever the car gets stuck.

This puts me on a new trail in life, finding space in my life for a wife (notice I didn’t say ‘new’ because I’ve never had one, and I don’t plan on ever having another), a child (the 8-year old), and a new dog (never go to PetSmart on the weekends). One thing I can honestly say is that all of these things have enhanced my life …… along with adding a ‘piddle patrol’ department to our household.

So …. once I get back, be prepared for a new line of Screaming Weasel sarcasms, and maybe a few postings from the Mrs. – I was going to say Mrs. Rodent …… but I’m entirely sure of the amount of backlash from that yet 🙂


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