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Review: Squonk Opera – Astro-Rama (*****)

This will probably be my typical review for Squonk Opera – JUST GO!

1. It’s free Oct 17th (tonight), and Oct 18th at Schenley Plaza

2. It’s Squonk Opera!

If you are not familiar with Squonk – they are basically Pittsburgh’s slightly twisted version of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra without the holiday themes. Ok, so maybe they are more like the TSO on crack (that is a compliment … considering I like Squonk better than TSO – it also means they are creative enough to push the envelope away from what is considered “safe Pittsburgh” ).

This is all happening during the Pittsburgh 250 and Festival Of Lights, so along with Squonk, you are surrounded by much cool stuff.

Check out there website (Squonk Opera), then just go see them live – if you can’t find Schenley Plaza off of Forbes Avenue – just look for the big 40ft wide satellite dish – it’s their stage.

My rating: ***** (a full 5 – no less) – or, since it’s Astro-Rama, should I say a “full 5 texts”. Go see the show – you’ll be enlightened as to what that means. Squonk has gone to and stayed at a Broadway level for years, never going down in the quality of their artistic creations and the quality of the over-all show they provide. This is a treasure for Pittsburgh to have – make sure you support them. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them in the beginning with SMORGASBORDWONDERWERK and I am completely amazed how much the group has grown is capability and creativity. Squonk is one of those things that attracts people to Pittsburgh – so support them (even when it’s not free).

BTW … kid friendly

P.S. …… say ‘HI!’ to P.A.L. for me 🙂

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