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Pittsburgh light rail extension (Pittsburgh T) goes over budget

Go figure …. right?

Typical Pittsburgh … something going over-budget that we didn’t need that was most likely done as a political favor for someone. Now we are going to go back into deep debt for a project for the lazy that basically just eliminates walking across a bridge (which has actually become a tradition to do going to a game, anyway). Nothing like having $550 million dollar (oops, sorry … probably something like $800 million dollar) holes under the river that we really don’t need.

Boy … that $550 million could have gone a long way to support our current transportation system – or better yet, extended it into needed areas …… or even to the airport …… woooohooo ….. well that would make since. Considering there is a law against doing anything that makes sense in Pittsburgh and PA, I guess Rendell is just abiding by the law.

In honor of the Pittsburgh 250 Celebration, I think we should jump this one to the number one position of the Pittsburgh 250 stupidest things done in our city.

… was I being biased and sarcastic? Sorry ….. but I just think this project is stupid …..

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