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Arrrrgggghhhh ….. stupid PennDOT

(not Rt 79 …. but who really cares, it’s a highway)

Now I’m really mad ……

I’ve changed my job a little over a year ago.  I now travel regularly to Rt 79.

You know what the problem is?????

I have a clear shot … no traffic, no lights, no nothing!!!!

…. on top of that NO CONSTRUCTION!!!!

As long as I’ve lived it’s been an unwritten rule that at least every five miles of Rt 79 have construction.  That has never changed – until now.  What gives PennDOT the right to STOP the inconveniences of construction???  Don’t they realize us everyday workers use them as excuses when we get up late (or just don’t want to go in to work on time)???   What the heck???

What gives PennDOT the right to screw up our daily lives WITHOUT construction???

Come on guys … ur out of practice …. get back into the shovel leaning ……

– A P’d off weasel

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