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Octoberfest Season (or as some people say Oktoberfest)

(Picture of entrance to 2003 Conneaut Lake Pumpkin Festival in 2003)

Even though some people don’t like Fall usually because it’s a sign of the oncoming cold (which Pittsburgh really doesn’t get anymore), they usually like the Fall festivals. One of my favorites is the one in Conneaut Lake, Pa. I’ve been to that festival since it started small in 1990 at the area winery. It’s a wonderful festival because it brings families together, allows people to see an old Victorian style park, and generally gets you some tasty baked goods.

Unfortunately for Conneaut, this was a signature year. This is the year where some idiot, who was too bored to get a life, decided to burn down a 100 year old dance hall (and one of the last in this country). He also burnt down a 100 year old church. It was very sad walking through this year (and it was the first year for me to be able to take my soon to be wife and soon to be step-daughter). The will never get to see how much this place brought and kept families together. It was one of the few places where you could take your family for a week vacation, and not take out a loan.

Fortunately, the park was more crowded then I have ever seen it. This is a sign this style of even need to take place all year long. If the people running the park had half a brain (and they might if you put all of their brains together – although I have never actually seen it), they would drop the restoration of the park and run with what is working now. It’s a niche that very few have and they could capitalize on for the restoration for the restoration of the park in the future.

Will they do that — probably not. There is too much pride in those people to actually put their needs aside and use the park to provide the needs of the community.

Hopefully things will turn better for them.

On the flip side of that — the Pumpkin Festival appeared to be a great success this year, and it you didn’t make it – you need to go next year.

….SWB is slowly coming back in full force (the sarcasm will be back soon)

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  1. October 22, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    The park has so much going for it, it just needs a bit of money. I have been making trips there for the last ten years. My family meets there every summer.

    If you are in the are on OCt 31st make sure you go to the Halloween Eve Bash, should be a lot of fun for the whole family.

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