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Tylenol: The Right Dose

Original Post Date: July 05 2006

This is my day off, so laying in bed this morning with my dog, the Tylenol commercial comes of that tells you they’d rather not have you use their product if you don’t take the correct dose.

Now, watching this first part of the commercial which explains the myth that taking more help more is incorrect because more of the drug could actually hurt you. Now, that is not always true, but most of us do not have medical degrees and are not quite qualified to make good decisions about drug usage. That part of the commercial is great, it is really full of a common sense that allot of people have not acquired.
Let’s go to the second part of the commercial where they full out to a full view of the VP of Sales having her state if you aren’t going to take the correct dosage, she would rather you not use Tylenol – basically saying that making money is not as important to her and/or Tylenol as your health is. ***GET REAL***. I work for a large corporation,and know directly about the large corporations lack of caring … the ONLY purpose the second half of that commercial put into the full commercial can be translated into “if you aren’t going to take the correct dosage, please take someone else’s drug so when you get sick or end up in the hospital we don’t get sued for millions, because it’s proven a lawsuit will cost us much more money than a few thousand people not buying our $7 bottle of pain pills”. Again ….. ***GET REAL***. If Tylenol really cared about people they would have only had the first part of the commercial, because I can tell you … that VP of Sales DOES care if you use their product over someone else’s …. because if sales drop, so does her job.
Reality check, Tylenol ……. fire your PR firm, they obviously think consumers are still stupid brainless idiots.
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