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Pittsburgh Graffiti Issues

This includes a couple of links to The Burgh Blog by PittGirl, so please read them – it’s about the ongoing graffiti issues in the city and her posts have opened up some very good conversations about it. Hmmmm …….. maybe if were weren’t spending $550 million on an over-sized rodent hole to the stadiums the City Of Pittsburgh could actually help fix this??? hmmmm ……..

BTW .. the artwork, website, etc, etc above are (c) and ™ The Burgh Blog and PittGirl.


Graffiti article 1, Graffiti article 2

Now, my viewpoint(s)

To the taggers that just tag for not reason except they don;t have enough common sense than to ruin property someone has worked hard for (either in a place like Mt Lebanon, Lawrenceville, or The Hill District, etc …. doesn’t matter). You need to be dealt with to “inspire” another attitude.

To the people that complain about the tagging …… your smart, figure out why. Lack of jobs = people steal, lack of an accepting art community = the artists do it where they can.

Maybe we need to think of a place we can create for these people to work …. enjoy their craft and share it (and I’m not talking about the gangs and idiots that tag offensive crap).

It’s a major problem to homeowners who work their whole lives to get what they have, it’s a major problem to communities want to get better and have people move into them, it’s a major problem to the city in general.

Here is a bigger problem:

* The ratio of people wanting to complain about it, and do nothing about it is sooooo much higher than the people that want to look for a solution (other than jailing the offenders unless you want another 2% or 3% tacked on to your city wage rate to support the additional prisoners) …. that the problem will never get addressed in a way the even starts fixing the issue.

It’s something to think about …… we can take care of this is the old fashioned old Pittsburgh way of complaining and doing nothing -or- we can be progressive and seek ways to resolve, or at least make the issue get better.

  1. Ben
    May 24, 2008 at 3:58 pm

    Here’s how we are fixing graffiti issues in New Haven:

    I posted about our most recent success at http://blogspot.seeclickfix.com

    this is a map where anyone can report, view and get alerts on non-emergency issues.
    It’s like a 311 system, but transparent so it holds everyone accountable.

    If you want to embed in your blog to get the ball rolling in pittsburgh http://www.seeclickfix.com/widget

    Sorry to spam your blog, but thought it might be a good solution.

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