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Review: Seviche – Excellent Food Excellent Atmosphere

sevichecroppedCapture from Seviche’s site – click to go there

Food Experiences: Lamb Chops, Crab Salab, Shrimp, Cheese Tasting

Drink Experiences: Strawberry Mimosa Champagne Mojito (designated driver recommended — these ARE addictive!!!)

Atmosphere: 9 (10 being best)

Atmosphere Style: Be and Be Seen (Guys … wear a suit or decent sport jacket, Ladies …. look hot)

Service: 10 (10 being best) – you can’t get much better

Space: 10 (10 being best) – the artistic atmosphere created within the space accounted for at least 20% of our expereince.

Seviche was one of the top 5 dining experiences I have had. The food was prepeared with extreme care, the drinks were mixed perfect, and service was top notch. The place was packed when we walked in at 7:45pm, and still the hostess made a table available to us. Service at this level is rarely found. Most places will let you stand in line outside, so they can look hot – not you. Serviche took the care to make sure we welcomed and made comfortable when it was possible.

Note: The lambchops were beyond comparison …….

Tab: We spent approx $122 including dinner and tip (couple – 5 seviche/tapas orders / 4 mojitos).

Summary: Worth it at twice the price ….. as they say “you get that you pay for”, and at Seviche, you get double what you pay for. Seviche, along with one of my other favorite places (Tusca at SouthSide Works) sets the standard for Pittsburgh.

Website: www.seviche.com


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