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Sitting In A Cafe

Original Post Date: 06 07 2006

I like to ponder allot. Haven’t figured out why, just like to. Now occasionally this can be a painful thing for me, so if you hear screams coming out of Crazy Mocha in the SouthSide, don’t dial 911 … it’s just me pondering and writing my blog.

OK …. getting on the the part you might actually want to read.
I’ve been really wondering while people like myself actually drag their laptops from their perfectly good internet connections on a daily basis to their local Cafe and connect there. So what the heck, I asked a few people. Of course, telling them I was from “Screaming Weasel Blog” and wanted to ask them a question sent a few running.
For me personally, it’s a way to get a ‘mini’ vacation from the things I see in my daily life ….. my apartment, my job, the stress of the list of things I have to do and probably will never get done (although if I wasn’t here I’d probably actually get them done). For other people it had a wide variety of reasons.
One person said it was the closest experience they will ever have to sitting outside a cafe in Europe. Another said it was because of the excellent coffee. One guy said it was the girl watching (I guess high school never ends). A few ladies said it was just a place to relax and discuss between each other the things they can’t discuss with their husbands. One strange guy said he needed a place for his “soul to wander”. Actually I think he liked the plasma TV in the Cafe and he couldn’t afford his own 🙂 Allot of people had one other reason in common ….. to be around people (even if they didn’t hold conversations with them).
Cafe’s have been becoming as strong of a gathering place as bars, especially with allot of people wanting a non alcoholic place to mingle or hang out in. This brings one point out about the human race. We were not designed to sit in front of a TV all day (or play video games all day long) and never go out and socialize. We were meant to associate with others, whether that is easy for us or not depends a little on our childhood experiences and how we were raised. This is one of the main reasons for the success of so many cafe’s. You can be around people, still be anonymous, or make friends if you wish. Look at the reality: Who would pay $3 for a cup of coffee that costs them about ten cents to brew in their own homes?
Cafe’s also tend to be a therapeutic place for some people. There are allot of people that have a general fear of being around crowds, being rejected, or being seen as unimportant. For allot of these types of people, hanging out in a cafe also helps them get over their fears and improve their lives. At their own pace, they can say ‘hi’ to someone, enjoy the view outside of the Cafe, get involved in a conversation, etc. Everyone is usually nice to you in a cafe, so that does help some people get over a fear of being rejected, or feeling unimportant,etc.
So, next time you you make fun of or criticize someone for spending $4 to $5 a day on a coffee at their local cafe, consider finding out why. It may be actually making their lives better and saving them $100 an hour for a shrink that has bad coffee in their office and probably isn’t going to help them anyway.
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