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Ode To The Bus Driver

Original Post Date: June 05 2006

While sitting at the bus stop one day (I don’t ride the bus, but I figured that the bench is free, so why not use it) … I started pondering. Now this is usually dangerous for me, because normally the words that come out when that happens are the words you normally don’t want your children to hear.

So why “Ode To The Bus Driver” …. well, let me tell ya. It’s because I have a few questions, and here they are:
Why when I drive in Downtown Pittsburgh, if I get within one inch of “the box”, do I get a raving maniac with a badge running over to my car yelling at the top of his lungs like I just murdered someone, saying that if I go any further my @ss is getting a $98 ticket and possibly arrested because I’m ticking him off and causing traffic problems ……
A PAT bus stops in the MIDDLE of the freaking intersection COMPLETELY blocking the exit of a parking garage and holds up traffic in that intersection for three $%#$# lights, the same cop does absolutely nothing to the bus driver.
Drivers in the state of Pennsylvania pay out of their butts for emissions testing and maintenance on their cars EVERY YEAR
I watch a PAT bus start moving, it leaves a pile of soot that completely stains the clothes on all of the people standing near it and instantly gives at least three of them black lung disease.
When I park for three and a half seconds to get ten bucks out of the MAC machine, I turn around and find miss meter maid preparing to write a ticket for my car because of where I am parked.
I see PAT buses parked illegally ALL THE TIME (with the bus driver usually having a nice sit down dinner) and NEVER see a ticket on their windshields.
When I drive around a corner and come close to hitting another car, I normally get a finger gesture from the person driving that vehicle (rightly so).
When a PAT bus driver come around a city corner pushing 30mph, runs over a few pigeons, knocks an art student over, almost takes out an old lady, comes close to doing severe damage to the historic Kaufmann’s clock, and comes within millimeters of turning my Civic into a compact scooter —– THE BUS DRIVER gives ***ME*** the finger ….. after he’s held people up for three lights at the last intersection he was at.
This means one of the following:
1. Our city cops are blind.
2. PAT has paid off officials
3. Bus drivers know they can get away with anything
4. City street laws are only for normal people, NOT PAT
5. PAT has paid off officials
Now, I don’t have anything against bus drivers, themselves (they are hard workers like myself). Nor do I have anything against our city cops (I’m thankful that I’m not the one with the job where people want to shoot at me …. well maybe they do, sometimes). What I am ticked and sometimes very #$%$% off about, is the fact that the laws are for everyone. In no part of the motor vehicle laws do a see stated “this goes for everyone BUT PAT bus drivers”. So do our city officials have a big enough set of you know whats to fix this? No ……. I highly doubt it!
*** Not much of the complaints in the post have changed since the original posting date.
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  1. william
    September 24, 2008 at 12:00 am

    Give me a Break. Stop crying you Big Baby. It sounds like to me your feeling sorry for yourself. But you won’t get any sympathy from me. A Pat Bus is a Public Transportation Veichle. Its as big as a House , carries a lot of people, and needs extra room when traveling within the city to maneuver around all you stupid car drivers in town that constantly break the law all day going through red lights illegally parking failing to yeild. I don’t beleive the Cops do enough to ticket you Idiots . So quit your crying and the next time you see a PAT Bus . Pull over and let him by/ you’ll thank yourself and be a better man for it.

    • SWB
      July 29, 2009 at 12:57 pm

      Umm… sorry … no ….

      The cops need to give the same tickets to the bus drivers that they do to the car drivers – along with the treatment. Sorry to see your mind is too small to comprehend the subject.

    • SWB
      August 22, 2009 at 9:43 pm


      So you are saying that a bus that pushed through the yellow light get in the middle of the intersection in the city totally blocking traffic flow gets no reprimand nor ticket, but a car at the same time and near the same intersection (not in it and not mine) gets yelled at by the cop and a ticket. That car was not blocking traffic flow in any way, nor the bus itself. Sorry – wrong.

      I feel sorry for you that you have such a yinzer mentality and think I am addressing ALL pat bus drivers…

      BTW — I have lots of friends who are pat bus drivers and obey the laws – and agree with me, because they hang out with the drivers that boast about breaking them and doing whatever they want without fear.

      Oh yeah …. I also end up give room to buses at least 4 to 5 times weekly —- probably more than you do.

      About the cars that blow through lights, illegally park, etc ….. that’s another blog entry coming.

  2. kpos101
    February 1, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    sounds liker a union man crying in reply pat drivers are nothing but six-week wonders who shouldnt even be driving big wheels let alone buses

  3. william
    July 29, 2009 at 9:51 am

    Sounds to me like another jelous Truck Driver who’s a Pat Bus Driver hater! However ,the fact is they transport thousands of pepole every day safely to and from work. Your wife and kids included. They don’t have to pass everyone on the road they see like you Numb Nut’s. I rarely see a Truck in the right lane on a highway or a road in the inner city ” where CDL veichles are suppose to be,” THE TRUTH IS A MODERN DAY TRUCKER IS A DANGER ON THE ROAD TO ALL DRIVERS AND A DISCRASE TO THE OLD TIME TRUCKERS THAT HAD PATIENCE AND RESPECT FOR THEIR FELLOW DRIVERS. For some reason they are Jelous of Pat Bus Drivers. Maybe its because they could’nt get hired at Pat. Pat dose’nt hire Drivers with Bad Attitudes and poor outlooks on life. Nor do they hire individuals that disrsepect and steriotype others as a group because of thier inability or lack of qualification to join that group.

    • SWB
      July 29, 2009 at 1:02 pm

      Cute – another poke in the dark. I’m not truck driver. Maybe you should help fix a corrupt organization like PAT, since you defend it so dearly. The kid that was molested on a *PAT* bus by a *PAT* bus driver (click here) is a great example of the quality people that are hired. That’s along with the ones I see coming out of bars going into the buses, and the ones I remember from my youth with the white powder still under their noses …. yep quality people.
      All people are asking is that PAT obeys the same laws any other driver has to, and gets held to them … and they don’t, and aren’t.

  4. william
    August 22, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    Dear swb, Iy’s plain to see that you and I will never agree on anything. But I forgot to ask you one thing Num Nuts. How do you know that Pat Bus Drivers don’t get any tickets. Do you monitor every Police Department in the county and count the number of tickets they give out and to whom. Of course not. This just proves your talking out of your behid. Our Police Officers in the area are Professionals and I trust their judgement. They would only give tickets to those drivers who deserve them. Like road rager Car drivers and dangerous Truck drivers. They are quite aware of how pepole in cars and trucks completly disrespect and illegally cut off and pass PAT BUSES ALL DAY LOMG.So since you decide to stick up for these renegade law breaking drivers, and try to critisize the good drivers I think I’m goig to change your name from SWB to Numby, short for NUMB NUTS. Because chances are your one of the idiot’s yourself.

  5. william
    August 25, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    HEY SWB, I MEAN NUMBY. DON’T ADDRESS MY MENTALITY OR MY MIND BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW ME. Why not go tell your Pat Bus Driver freinds and buddies the way you truthfully feel about the way they do their Jobs. Of course you are freinds with only the good ones that obey all laws and all the rest of them that you don’t know are law breaking drug addics and child molesters. Just think numby, if we all knew you and were your freind the world would be a better place. it would be a place where All Bus Drivers would get tickets all day long for trying to manuever their large veichles through a sea of car drivers not willing to give them a break or follow the rules themselves. But you would be able to sleep better at night NUMBY and thats all that counts.

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