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Cereal, I Love You So

I love cereal … it’s great … even better if I had milk (but that’s another entry)

Which is why I am just a *little* disturbed when I see all the new flavors … it’s bad enough people had to screw with potato chips, but CEREAL????

Life isn’t looking good when you get toast flavored cereal, banana nut bread flavored cereal, etc, etc …… but there companies now experimenting with cereals that taste like veggies (found it on some obscure corporate link ….. but still it concerns me). What’s next? … cereal that tastes like chicken noodle soup, steak and potatoes, and eventually tripe???? Ick!!

On the flip side …… a company is coming out with a drink called Liquid Cereal …. cool!

BTW … this is my senseless stupid blog for the week.

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