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Just A Slackin’

Ever get tired of seeing those annoying slackers doing nothing but slacking off sitting near the neighborhood tattoo shop in the SouthSide? They COULD be getting an education, so they COULD get a job, so they COULD support Mom and Pop when they get old and feeble ……. right? Yep, they could but they don’t …. they’d rather site around smoking a hookah, talking about or making art, and maybe writing a blog.

Now apply this thinking to your local politicians ……. they COULD get a real job, or they COULD help the community, or they COULD avoid frivolously spending public funds, but they choose not to. Same as the slackers, they could be doing something that society sees as good, but they choose not too.

No, if you have half a brain, you could pick out that there are differences:

  • The slackers may produce some kind of art that you wish to hang in your living room to look “cool and hip” (even while you still wear your suburbia clothes) ….. with the politician, the only thing you want probably hang in your living room is them.
  • The slacker becomes a leach on society draining it of money with very little contribution …. OK ….. same as the politician, but different clothing. Come to think of it, the slacker probably dresses a little better …. and at least they will buy you a beer without expecting a vote.
  • Although the slacker may not bath regularly and smell like ****** …… the politician basically is ******
  • The slacker may not be the highest contributing member of society ……. the politician usually bleeds the life out of it.

If you had a choice ….. which would you let run the government? Personally I know allot of “slackers” …… I’d rather see them run for president. At least we’d have a laid back and un-stressed society, good shisha, and good friends.

The above examples are what society says about slackers (which is mostly not true) and about politicians (which most likely is true) …… so, do America a favor and support your local slacker today, and get them on the ballot tomorrow for a better future! Maybe American wouldn’t get anything done, but we’d at least have hope.

Remember … it could get worse – Britney could run for president, then you’d be saying “*****, those slackers were a pretty good choice” (as you watch Britney crash into the side of the White House with her car on TV).

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