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Random Thoughts from The Voices In My Head

Don’t you hate it when you wake up and the voices in the dreams don’t stop? ….. and y’all thought I was kidding when I said my prozak ran out. I think I’m going to become a politician so I can put the little voices to work. Politicians usually just spew a line of crap anyway.

I don’t think people really want other people to be nice to them …… if people are nice to you, in the end at some point you have to be nice to them also. That’s allot of work.

Potholes were designed in Pittsburgh. The are a product of the automakers ……. there’s a conspiracy here I tell ya!!!!

Large electronic billboards are great for Pittsburgh ….. look, they’ve already helped the local economy by putting money in a few lawyer’s pockets.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are looking *HOT* ……. now time to give the Pirates the bad news that they actually are expected to do something this year. It’s really bad when a kid with cancer (John Challis) singles you out as a loser. Well, not showing up showing up at a press photo op with him didn’t help either.

Fight on your wedding night in public …… it’s gets you seen nationally, and probably will get you a made for TV movie – or at least a guest spot on David Letterman’s “Stupid Newlywed Tricks”.

Buy a big 12 cylinder car (yes, they make them) ….. that way the mortgage for your 5000 sq ft house you couldn’t afford either will look small in comparison to your monthly gasoline bill.

Gremlins exist ….. I have a dog that looks like one …. especially if you add water.

“Drink Till You Puke …. leftovers are great!” … the 2008 Yinzer Nation motto.

If a close friend utters “That new Britney Spears album is really hot, and I think she is the best mother ever!” …. either slap them, or if you are at a bar, cut them off immediately!

Dilbert isn’t a comic strip …. it’s reality.

The best way to get your child to not litter is to pick up after them and then dump it on their head.

More spew later …….

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