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Greed: It’s A Creative Thing

Original Post Date: May 23 2006

Creative:  A great company that produces good computer audio speakers, consumer and semi-professional sound cards, and mp3 players – and or course they are the latest company to sue apple.   When Yoko Ono (oops …. sorry …. I meant to say ‘The Beatles’) sued Apple it was over a trademark icon – a waste of the courts time over greed.  If they were sart they would have just asked Jobbs for a bunch of Apple stock – they probably would have made more money off of that than a court settlement.

The Creative case just screams ‘our marketing department sucks so bad we can’t even try to compete against Apple so we’ll sue them and try to get an injuction to stop the sale of all iPod’s in America and we’ll say they stole our interface to do it.  Come on, you **idiots** … .how many things have been direct rip-offs of the iPod since it came out and you don’t see Apple suing those companies – they just see it as a challenge and make their product better.  I guess upper management at Creative is just too stupid to do that.
Here is something for Creative to think on ….. if people don’t like your product they don’t buy it …… if you don’t market it well, you don’t sell it (ask a few people on the street what Zen is, and you will NEVER get ANY reference to Creative – ask someone in a 3rd world country working in a rice field what an iPod is, and even if they don’t know english, they will probably answer ‘Apple’).  So to the wonderful j@cka$$3$ at Creative – Apple is not selling iPods because it has an interface like yours – it’s because they have one of the best marketing $$%#% marketing campaigns going on across the planet.
People at Creative here is another thing to thing about:  Apple users, even just iPod users tend to turn into little Steve Jobbs’s.  If you p@ss us off we just stop using your stuff – we’re not like little submissive Microsoft followers – we’ll actually throw out a $300 sound card because your company ticked us off, or sell off a $1400 laptop because your chips are in it.  So, think about that before you proceed.  Kind of stupid to sue Apple if nobody buys any of your products because you ticked of a whole planet of iPod and Apple users …… so take whatever money you are making and hire a marketing department that can actually do something and stop whining.
From me personally:  Live sound card ….. GONE,   Creative Speakers ….. GONE,   Motherboard with creative chips on it … GONE.   All crushed in the dumpster this morning and I will never buy your products again. BTW … in about 10 more years Apple will have the market share, and guess what … most likely your company will be GONE.  Sorry,  I can’t buy from a wimpy company that has to sue another because they can’t compete due to their inabilities.  Apple users only buy from innovative companies. “Creative” …. you definitely chose the WRONG name –   You should have named your company “Whiny and Worthless”.
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