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For Humans It’s About Change

Original Post Date: May 22 2006

As most human beings are creatures of habit, we tend to just love change.  We are interesting in the fact that of the time people fear change (even the ones that don’t admit it), but once we understand it, we usually embrace the changes (unless honestly for the worse) that have been brought forth.

I am getting ready to switch days and hours at my job.  This will mean I’ll have to adapt to whatever new functions I will have in my new time slots.   Most likely I will be doing most interesting things, learning new skills, and upgrading my resume’ …. so the change will benefit me.   Yet, like every other human,  I do fear it.  It’s and interesting concept, because, if the change benefits you, why fear it?  Personally I have no idea, but I think it has more to do with people having to kick their brains back into gear to learn new things.
When you are in a habit, good or bad, you don’t have to learn, you only have to process minor differences and just follow a routine.   I’d rather be known as one of those people that innovated and not followed – even though innovator gets yelled at allot because they tick off the people that don’t like change.   Who knows, I may innovate something that makes  me fear my own changes.
Change may also be one of the truly global fears.   Russia, India, Iraq, etc are all countries other than the United States are are changing heavily.  In Iraq good changes are happening (although the news doesn’t bother showing them – no ratings value there).   Although the changes in Iraq are massive if good sets in it will benefit everyone there.   If people don’t embrace change there in a way that allows them to old those changes into the society they want, the not so nice people will prevail and things will stay status quo as far as bombings, hatred, etc.    In Russia, some economies are starting to boom, but allot of people fear being left behind in these changes.   This is a situation where change really need to be molded by that society to include those who don’t have the ability to change as quickly as the younger generation.   This means allowing people to change at their own pace.  If handled correctly for all levels on peoples, the economy in Russia will greatly improve.   India has an economy the is booming at an unbelievable rate in some areas, but other areas are still extremely poor (meaning where a leftover burger pulled from a garbage can would be considered a delicacy).  Overall the changes are helping the country, but in some ways may be alienating different peoples.
As you see change is not entirely a fear in itself.  It is spawned from fear of being left out of the change, fear of being forgotten, fear of not being able to survive, and fear of losing what you have.  I always tell people to embrace change in your life at a level you can handle positively.   If you handle all changes in life as fast as they come, you will most likely be overcome and start running away from the changes you first embraced.
For our city, Pittsburgh, I think we are embracing the changes that are coming into our city at a good rate for us at this time (we are not building two stadiums that we cannot afford, etc).  The changes are being brought about in a way that everyone can enjoy them, and gain pride in them and the city.  We are adding new things to our daily lives, but also keeping our history and heritage.  We are adding options into our daily routines, but keeping familiarity that helps us deal with the changes.  We are gaining notoriety that entices others to move into our city, bringing jobs and income ….. but we have to forgotten about the people that are already here and have been for years and years.  Pittsburgh is becoming an example of how change done in the right was can be beneficial to all those involved in change.
Now, for the person that doesn’t want to change because of pure laziness – you get what you deserve …. left where you are standing, still in bell bottom leather pants waiting for the disco to open back up.
For those that have problems changing due to disabilities, etc …. there is a fear of asking for help for various reasons (including ridicule).  For those of us who are easily embracing and dealing with the change around us, we need to stop and ask these people courteously, “Do you need a hand?”
Change, itself is wonderful – it allows us to learn new things, meet new people, experience a new part of our lives – but it can also be scary because sometimes we do have to leave go of what we have known for years.
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