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Courtesy Only At The Last Moment

Original Post Date: May 08 2006

Can’t rant with this subject.   Sorry if I actually disappoint a few.   Well, as we all do occasionally in life, I had to attend a funeral for a close family friend.   I actually saw something there I don’t see that much.   Friends and family that have kept in touch throughout the years.  The lady that passed was actually part of a group of friends that was together for longer than I’ve been alive.   Usually you only hear of this type of thing in the movies, not in real life.  Mostly when I’m at a funeral of a friend, etc, the people attending have not seen each other since Christmas, or even for years – thus only showing courtesy to each other at the last moment.

After going home from the funeral I realized allot of society has gone down to only having friends while they are useful.  We tend to forget about them once they are no longer necessary.  For example you have friends at work, friends you met at the local watering hole, etc – but after you no longer see them in those settings, you tend to lose touch.  This is really where I see people losing value in each other.   When friends stayed together or at least kept in touch for years and years you had much less stress in our world, less fighting, and less hate.   It sees with the value of friends losing ground, the value of people is doing the same.  So, when you make friends, don’t forget them – even if you have to schedule and appointment on your PDA to call or e-mail them a few times a year.   You may actually pull them out of a hard time by doing such a little thing.
Friends are the people that give us hope and help us through the difficult times – they should not just be temporary items in our lives.
Oh, I guess I can rant about one thing ….. there actually was a guy on the road really ticked off at the speed of the funeral procession, so he proceeded to whiz past everyone on rt28 and cut off the funeral director’s car in the front of the procession.   Probably not dangerously enough to be noticed by everyone, but he had to make his point.   People are just so nice to each other these days.
This post dedicated to Anna L Gallagher
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