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The Sewer Effect

What is the “sewer effect”? It’s when raw sewage seeps from old broken lines into the pure or purified drinking water contaminating it.

Layman’s term: The **** rolls downhill.

I’m not talking about the workplace, I’m talking everywhere. Think about it. When people completely lose the will to at least attempt to “do good” (this should not be mistaken for “conform”), the nice things in life our parents and grandparent fought and sacrificed for turn to crap. Here are a few examples:

  • The idiot that buys the 10 cylinder super-grinder 500 horse power 2 ton truck to drive to his I.T. job everyday … and then complains about $4/gallon gas. Although he has a job that requires knowledge, he himself is too stupid to figure out he is part of the problem ….. especially when there are farmers that do need the 10 cylinder super-grinder 500 horse power trucks to do daily work that are trying to make 4 cylinder 150 horse power models function for them so they can help the environment and society.
  • The idiot that won’t pick up after their animals ….. especially where kids play or other animals play. Even cute cuddly animals can carry diseases, no matter how well kept, and they usually transmit it via feces. This is usually a sign of pure laziness and a total disregard for neighbors. My favorite excuse is that it is fertilizer for their lawn …. yep, I’ve actually had the clueless tell me that. It you truly want to be that eco-aware, call a company that turns pet excrement into fertilizer and fuel. They exist now ….. so start bagging.
  • The idiots that don’t want emissions tests on semi diesel trucks because they say the soot doesn’t do damage like the fuel emissions of gasoline cars. Wait a second ….. the soot only peels paint off of walls, and erodes rocks and asphalt? Yep … no damage. OK … I’m exploding the point a little, but you get the idea.
  • The idiots that think more tests in schools will make better students …… ummmm, the kids can’t hack the ones they get now …. think about it. How about actually teaching them? Oh … that means the teachers would actually have to work, can’t have that within a union.
  • The idiot parents that force their kids into sports and push them past their limits because they hope they will become $4 milllion/year football stars and buy them vacation homes in the Bahamas.
  • The idiots that believe forcing people to accept gay marriages in churches was a good idea (I have allot of gay friends …. I don’t believe in the lifestyle, but I will never treat them badly because they are my friends and in the end … human, like me). The actual issue is not a “union” of the same sex, but it is that the state is forcing churches to change the definition of “marriage”. God made that definition … not the state. Seems to be we are forgetting our policy of “separation of church and state”.

So how do these examples contribute to the “sewer effect”?

The big trucks hurt the environment and cause the people that can’t afford it large financial burdens. The lazy neighbor gets you and you pets sick. The diesel trucks hurt the environment and give cities a bad name. The over testing destroys the confidence of students (because the only reason for them is to protect bad teachers jobs and to get state funding). The idiot parents drive their kids into a depression that they may never get out of therefore hurting other people in society. The people that want to force a change in marriage laws …. well, we’ve all heard of what happens when people’s laws try to change God’s laws. I’m waiting for the fire an brimstone, plagues, etc ….. ooops, sorry, they’re already here. The other side effect is the generation of hate ….. both situations destroy society at some level.

What does this mean? ….. It means we are starting to become so individualistic and self centered that we fail to notice the **** we started rolling down the hill is right behind us. We may have gotten in front of it for a few years, but quite soon we are destined to get covered in crap.

BTW … this isn’t turning into a religious blog …. I’m not homophobic (but I will state my beliefs …. and at the same time still cherish my friends no matter what lifestyle they choose, and they are more than welcome to give me their opinion of my lifestyle choices, with the same level of respect I give them when I state mine) …. but I don’t think beliefs should be forced on anyone. You can tell people what you believe, then they have to sort it out with God. It all comes down to their choice … not your opinion. This goes for the environmental, religious, and societal issues. Whether you believe in God or not …. someone bigger is in charge of things, not us – wouldn’t you rather be “in” with them other than ****ing them off?

Two side points:

  • Atheists are the strongest believers in God …… how can you be so against something if it doesn’t exist?
  • Working as a community is much better than working as one.

The “sewer effect” has tainted our society where the community is not longer wanted …. hopefully this is not beyond repair, or we cannot survive, no matter what we individually believe.

For the really dense: If all of the water becomes contaminated, and you have nothing to drink … EVERYONE dies, not just you.


OK … I’m done venting …..

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