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Schools Getting Stoopid!

Original Post Date: May 25 2006

Lately I’ve found it completely amazing that schools have TOTALLY LOST TOUCH with their main function – to teach students. The only things you hear about now are cost cutting, students getting expelled for bringing in toys, strikes, teachers getting caught having affairs with students, etc. You no longer hear about schools that have ranked high because the students are doing well, or even just about students that get awarded scholarships to colleges. All you seem to hear about now mostly deals with the school administrations covering their political *****.

Now there are situation where you can tell the parents didn’t exactly train or teach their kids well either. A kid bringing a soft air pistol to school is a good example. If I was an official in school I would have confiscated the toy, called the parents, made them come in for a meeting and explained to them and their child that it is bad to bring in such a toy for security reasons … and then instruct them if it happens again, their child would be suspended for a week or so. So, in this situation what does a school do, instead of teaching the child about the reasons for not bringing such a toy to school? It immediately teaches the child he is a criminal – great way to inspire him to start his career in crime. WAY TO GO, school system!!! I wish I was taught this way when I was younger …. maybe I would have ended up making more money ripping off banks than being dumb and making an honest living.
Cost cutting …… dollar ripping ….. becoming efficient, or whatever you want to call it. There are two sides to this stupidity: The school administration closing too many schools, making a classroom useless to a student and the parents expecting a school to stay open when it is only working at 50% or less capacity. Administrations want to close as many schools as possibly to cut down on the city’s costs. At this point this really is necessary as some of Pittsburgh’s schools are very under utilized. Personally if I was the city I would have hired prime teachers for those schools, upped the curriculum, made them semi-private and charge extra fees for going to those schools making income for the school system. But no, the city would rather close them leaving no alternative but to pack the kids in like sardines to a point where the teachers can’t handle them and the kids don’t learn ****. The parents on the other hand can be just as bad. They want all of the schools to stay open, taxes to NOT double in their area, and their cute little kid to have a one on one education. I’m not sure parents realize this, but that is what they make private schools for. So what is comes down to is both the school administration and the parents need to be b*tch slapped to point where they will both compromise to the benefit of the students —- not I said TO THE BENEFIT OF THE STUDENTS …. not the parents …. not the school officials.
Strikes ….. I just love this. What a better way for a teacher to say “I dont give a @###$ about you” to a student. One thing I will say about the school I went to, is that the teachers (whether the best or not), unless under an extreme situation cared enough about the students to never think about striking. Now, on the other hand, when I see a school where the starting pay is in the mid 50’s and on average the teachers are making 75k to 100k with approx 5 years on the job, and three months of vacation time, striking should be prohibited, PERIOD. Am I totally against striking? No. I know teachers that make under 30k and work in a school where most likely at least one of their students HAS a real gun in their classroom. Do I think a teacher in this situation should be allowed to strike for more pay or better working conditions — yes, definitely. Do I think a teacher that makes 100k regardless of their performance because they have worked as a teacher for years should be allowed to strike just because they want more money … no. Sorry, students first!!!
It seems really popular now for women school teachers to be having affairs with their students, not just seniors, but kids 13 years on up (really makes me wish I was a student again). OK, now that the ladies are probably e-mailing me to tell me how sick of a person I am, ask your husband if he would think any differently on the subject (he’ll probably lie to you, but ask anyway). On to the serious side ….. are the female teachers freaking idiots these days?? …. they’re kids and students!!! If you need it that bad, head out to a bar, pick up a guy, and jump into bed with him – or hire an escort … don’t take your student home and screw him, along with screwing up his head. Don’t the school systems do psych evals before they hire these people??? Now, are there RARE situations where an honest and good relationship does happen between a student and a teacher? Yes, it can happen, but if it is that strong and solid, it can wait till after graduation day. So to the female teachers out there – cool down, and keep your students out of your pants and go back to actually teaching them instead of screwing them.
On a final note – it’s extremely sad to see the nation’s school policies go down to personal gain and cover your *** politics … no wonder our global school ratings are starting to really suck.
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