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That Outsourcing Thang Pt.2

Original Post Date: April 30 2006

I was going to write this second part of the article the day after the first ….. but as usual things never work out the way you want them to.

“Their goal is to take over the country by stripping us of our jobs and making Americans all homeless”. This was a quote from a person standing around Downtown Pittsburgh waiting for a bus and complaining about today’s subject ‘Outsourcing’. I assume from their comments this person is one of the more intellectual people in our country …. although I have been proven wrong before. Common sense with the addition of a small calculator would tell you that if the goal of these outsourcing firms was to take all of our jobs it would defeat the purpose of them being in business. Why? Well, for a few reasons. This first is that we in American are the biggest customers of many products that outsourcing is happening in. If we as Americans have no money to buy products, well the outsourcing firms from India, etc have no reason to be in business – there would not be enough people buying a product to make them any money. We are not the only people buying products, but if not enough people in this country stop buying products it can greatly affect the product’s stability. The second reason is basic economy. So many other economies are tied to ours that if a multitude of Americans are put out of jobs and the economy gets damaged, so do other economies. In summary it is in the best interest of the outsourcing companies to keep Americans working.
Are these outsourcing companies hiring people in America? – yes. I am subcontracted to one (my choice – I was offered a job directly with them, but I had loyalties to my current employer that kept me working for 5 years, I didn’t think it right to dump on them.) For the people that did get hired they seem to be treated well, get decent benefits, and appear to be fairly happy with how they ended up. I also have friends that have moved to India to work in that country. Most of them that have done this cannot say anything but good – they comment that they get treated like they have always been in the country. Now is this the same situation with all the outsourcing companies? Probably not. Culture plays into this a great deal, and the people of India were basically our friends previously to this issue.
Here are some points to keep in mind:
1. America creates – we created TV, computers and that industry, the steel industry, etc. We always create something new, so we always create ways to have work for Americans and people in this country.
2. Change happens – everything changes, and you have to adapt. No species on this planet ever survived without adaption.
3. Never hate anyone – even if you don’t believe in God, whom that rule came from, it’s just a bad idea. So, why hate some for working for an outsourcing company? They are just human like you are – no different. Disliking what someone does or stands for it normal, as long as you make an effort to understand them or the situation and don’t allow it to progress to hate.
4. Be positive and at least try – if you don’t take the time out to try new things you’ll never advance in anything.
These are just basic things, but they also apply to dealing with outsourcing. If you want your job to be lost to outsourcing, it will be. If you are negative about the outcome of outsourcing, it will affect you in that way. If you don’t want to change, everything around you will, and you will eventually be lost in your own world. Get the idea?
This is not a pro-outsourcing article (simply because I believe some, but not all corporations use outsourcing as an excuse to take money from the American people, and take advantage of the situations other countries and cultures are in.) Allot of good things will come of this: Making friends in new countries, letting people across the globe realize that we are really not that different from each other, creativity will be able to flourish, etc. There are bad things that may also happen: People will not be liked because they are from a country that work is going to, jobs will be lost or relocated, people will be taken advantage of just because they are ‘cheap labor’, etc. It is up to us, the people across ALL countries to keep a balance – it’s not up to our governments, corporations, etc. It’s up to us.
To all of those sitting in their easy chairs whining when they see a clip on CNN or Fox, etc about outsourcing: Get off the D@mn chair and make an effort to fix the situation. If you make no effort to either fix the situation, or make it work – you have earned no right to rant or complain.
Do I think the American government will help address the issue? – no, sorry, the politician’s pockets are way to fat. They are the ones giving tax breaks to companies so they will outsource.
In summary, it’s up to you folks: Either sit back and watch things pass you by, or jump in —– nothing gets done if you just ‘watch’.
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