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That Outsourcing Thang Pt.1

Original Post Date: April 27 2006

OK, just what we need ….. another rant about outsourcing. So, let’s do this a little differently and try to make it a balanced line of whining. Of course, the first question I envision popping up (along with the rotten eggs and tomatoes flying my way) would be something like “OK, genius or ******* (add in preferred descriptive), whichever you may be – how do you plan on doing that?” Going through the process myself, I know that allot of the anger behind a question like the one stated and outsourcing itself is the fact that allot of companies stuck it to their workers to cut costs, and the jobs aren’t even staying in the country. This is a valid whine. An even bigger valid whine is the fact that when stocks drop thirty percent – CEO’s still get a forty million dollar bonus …… hmmmmm makes you almost forget about the outsourcing thang, doesn’t it?? That’s another post, and I assure you it is coming soon.

Let’s look a little further into the situation. Since I have worked with the firms from India, I’m going to use them as an example. I’m sure they are just jumping for joy about that. How would you feel if you woke up in a world were unemployment would be anywhere from ten percent up to forty percent (we scream when ours hits 5%), even seeing the inside of a schoolhouse is a dream, and the chances of you graduating from college are about the same as you becoming the CEO of a large company at the age of twelve? Allot of these people coming from this country and others came from this situation and allot are still in it. So, when I see these people getting harassed in our country it just ****** me off. Unless a person comes to our country specifically to cause harm, they are GUESTS of our country and should be treated as such. When did Americans forget this????
When this started in the company I was contracting at, it produced the typical scene …. everyone p*ssing their pants around the water cooler wondering if they were going to have to apply at Wal Mart for a job (which would have probably been a substantial increase in pay anyway). Some people were left go. The bulk of those people let go maybe not the most productive anyway, but a few exceptional people did get caught up in the situation. Casualties do happen ….. that’s not a justification, they just do. For the ones that did get picked up by the firms from India it was not all a bad thing. They received the first increases they had in years. After cultural and language differences are slowly being worked out, working relationships and friendships are forming. Probably the most amazing things coming out of this so far is the lack of politics you need to get through to get your daily work done, and the fact they actually CARE about what you have to say.
I think probably that hardest thing to get used to is the lack of politics. At least for me, this was the hardest. After years and years of deflecting knives from all directions, CYA (covering your ***), and at least looking like you are kissing *** it was really hard to get used to not having to do that at a high level. The sad thing is I am seeing these firms from other countries treat Americans as the American companies USED to treat their employees. Granted, there are still difficulties, but they are being worked out.
‘til tomorrow ……. pt.2
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