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Oh To have A Brain

Original Post Date: May 03 2006

I know we were all offered one of these when we were born. I’m not sure that people refused to be given one (maybe they thought they couldn’t get approved for the financing), or maybe they just though it unnecessary. All human studies say that we only use ten percent of our brains, and it has an amazing level of storage and power. Wow!! … then why is it so hard for a human to learn common sense?!?!?!?! Two reasons: 1. It has to be taught (and the person teaching it has to have SOME level of it), 2. It has to be learned.

I think animals have it easy, they were given instinct.
Here is what I can’t understand:
A person that can calculate in minutes a complex mathematical formula that takes a supercomputer two hours to sift through, doesn’t have enough sense to hold a door open at a store for an elderly lady that doesn’t have the strength to open it.
A person that runs a large company can’t remember to send his mother a birthday card to put a smile on her face —- even though this person could probably send a new BMW instead of a card each year. And, yes, I personally know an idiot like this.
A guy in a bar can’t understand the lady next to him doesn’t want to go to the nearest hotel to screw like dogs – even though she has said no five time and dumped two drinks on him. This makes it a little difficult for guys that aren’t like that. On the other hand – can someone explain to me why beautiful women always end up with guys like this? That situation lacks a little common sense also.
A person that has ALL the certifications possible in an industry can’t fix one simple problem without aid – and this person is usually the only one in the room making a six digit paycheck.
What is common sense and “having a brain”? It’s knowing right from wrong, showing courtesy towards others instead of ******* on them – even if you don’t like the person, actually learning how to apply the knowledge you have acquired in your brain (this seems to be the hardest for most humans).
The human race …. how unique ….. in hind sight maybe the “cave man” days weren’t so bad.
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