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Kudos to Point Park College

…. they may actually kick off the saving of Downtown Pittsburgh.

Currently how it looks:

A Night Time Scenic View -- hopefully it will change

Finally, an organization that is going to invest in our city, and not dump on it. Point Park is one of the colleges I’ve always admired in the area. Going from a secretarial school in the 30’s to a well respected college modern day definitely gets a little respect. The fact that they have recently experienced close to a 50% growth says it all.

Point Park College could single handedly bring in more business and people back into city central to make it a viable commanding city again …. and cause firms, and businesses to open or relocate to out city …. along with (finally) some stores again. This is exactly what was needed to make the other city projects gel and work.

When a entity invests in an area of the city nobody else wants to at a very large level (about $210 million), it provides a good reason for people to send their children there for college training. Believe it or not, people still support those that support their city. Let’s hope the city council doesn’t try to screw this one up (saying this with fingers crossed behind my back).

Send Point Park College and e-mail applauding them ….. they deserve it.

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