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Greetings or Warnings, Your Choice

Original Post Date: April 16 2006 (My first blog entry on the old site)

Well, first entry, should be interesting, or could be quite boring ….. of course I guess that depends on if you drink or use controlled substances. I avoided doing a blog for a while simply because everyone ‘was doing it’. Kind of like sex in high school …. OK, maybe avoiding that wasn’t entirely my choice. What pushed me further away from doing a blog was the major news channels starting to do blogs ….. how #$%$#ing cute. Blogs were created by what the “big boys” of news are now calling “citizen journalists” (you know the ones the news channels wouldn’t give the time of day to, unless they are a fad, which they are now). A blog is meant to allow people to voice their opinions, thoughts etc freely. They were not created for the greedy news monopolies to steal ideas from and get free reporting (best example being the CNN ‘internet reporters’). You would think that with a backing of millions of dollars they could get actual legitimate reporters, not just people that stand there and look good. Things are bad when a guy with dyed green mohawk is saying something like “I miss Dan Rather” because he actually DOES miss Dan Rather and good reporting. At this point in the world I think the City Paper is much more legitimate than the major papers and news shows. It’s amazing how screwed up the news gets when reporters now ‘get paid based on ratings’. Kudos to those working in the news industry that don’t make that much money because they don’t do ‘knee time’ and don’t follow their boss’s instructions to do reporting specifically for ratings. Oh … if you can’t figure out what ‘knee time’ is, you’ve obviously been doing it too long.

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