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From The City Of Champions To …

Original Post Date: April 17 2006

It’s the 70’s and everyone loves Pittsburgh because we are The City Of Champions. The Steelers win, the Pirates win, and Three Rivers Stadium always seems packed. So why every change anything? Perfection should never be altered, right? That last sentence is either the thought of a total idiot, or someone just plain lazy and scared of change. I agree with change, as city has to change to keep people and businesses attracted, businesses, etc. Here is what I don’t agree with: Building two stadiums at the city’s taxpayer’s expense especially when 75% of them said “not yet”, not a flat out “no”, but “not yet”. We wasted allot of money on two stadiums that could have been used to improve our city over all. Instead the administration at the time … thank God they are gone …. decided to let the city center go to degrade down to where there is no point to bother finding a urinal after a night of heavy drinking because where you are standing almost looks and smells like one. This bothers me because after going to tech school in the city, holidays in front of Kaufmann’s, working in the city, I tend to think fondly of it and it’s current state makes me sad and frustrated to see when you know goes away not due to progress, but just plain being allowed to fall apart because of bad decisions by the local government.

Back to the original point before it gets lost: If the administration had thought to maybe build a stadium (one) first for the team that deserved it first, they could have diverted the money for the second stadium to improving city central and attracting people and jobs ….. but obviously for the administration at the time that was not a priority. I guess ignorance really is bliss. My vote for the first stadium would have been the Steelers. The team, even when losing tends to financially earn it’s keep. So who gets the first stadium built?: the Pirates …. and basically all they do when they lose is whine. I’m definitely not anti-baseball or anti-Pirates. I came from sitting in section 51A for years at quite a few games, helping my mom process the Pirate’s fan mail, and meeting allot of the guys in the 70’s – some of the best that played the game. So I never want the see baseball leave, but the team needs to stop whining, step up their game, and earn their keep.
The Steelers on the other hand, did just that over the last few years. I’m not a heavy sports fan, but Cower himself stepped it up big time, and the player he chose were a true team – not a bunch of “show me the money” players. I know this first hand as I lived in two complexes over the last years that had team members staying at them. The guys I have had the pleasure of meeting are people you would be proud have a neighbors, not just on the Steelers team. The attitudes they have made them a true team and earned them success and will earn them success in the future. This made them worth every bit of the cost of Heinz Field. So …. Pirates …. you got enough b*lls to step up your game like the Steelers did and FINALLY earn the stadium that was built for you against the city’s will? Let’s see it happen soon … we want to go back to being The City Of Champions ….. not The City Of Whiners.
To the people of the city themselves: It’s time we used the Steelers as an example. They stepped up their game, let’s step up ours. You don’t have to go crazy, just do simple things: Don’t bitch about the paper laying on the sidewalk – pick it up and put it in the garbage. Don’t complain there are no places to eat – once a once a month make it a point to eat dinner or lunch in the city. This will improve the current culinary business and attract more. Don’t go to the mall for shopping ALL THE TIME – occasionally buy something in the city, even if it is a small purchase. The point is if everyone in the city does something small, the improvements within a year can be great. You can’t base everything on the Super Bowl win … so let’s step up our game and go back to everyone being part of The City Of Champions.
On the other sports team we have ….. would someone just b*tch slap Mario? Dude, we understand your plight because hockey is not the top sport in the city, but the whining and whimpering are just getting old.
Notes of thanks and a note for the needy:
1. A thanks to both the Soffer Organization for bringing something new and exciting to the city, and thanks to Maniac Magazine for highlighting and changing the fashions that exist in Pittsburgh (and this is coming from a straight guy), not to mention the excellent journalism that is showing up in their mag. These are two organizations I will support as much as I possibly can because they are making one hell of an effort to improve what we have in this city. This post was to be a compliment to an article about Pittsburgh in the Maniac 04/05 issue. Buy it and read it!! For the shallow minded guys, there are swimsuit models in the issue.
2. Along with improving the city, we need not forget about the HOMELESS. It will not kill you to occasionally buy someone sleeping on the city sidewalk a sandwich and just give them five minutes of conversation. You don’t realize how much hope that can give a person in that situation.
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