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Dormant World Pt.2

“Getting Out” of a Dormant World

Sooo …. I’m a bit late getting to this one.

Ways to get out of a Dormant World:

  • Leave the city you are living in – which most Pittsburghers do
  • Move 5 times just for fun – and have your friends help
  • Call your boss a long list of very descriptive names
  • Buy a Porsche (you have to wait at least till you get to the age of 40 for this one)

“Leave the city you are living in”

This is the easy one …… everyone likes that euphoria of going to a new place with a chance to start over (even those that hate change). It only lasts for a few weeks, but you end up in a hyper-realization that you are somewhere without friends, family, and a backup support system. This is the easy option, because once you get to that point, you have to change to survive (or suffer the embarrassment of going back home). If you have a little ambition, and a few brain cells left that you didn’t kill in college during campus parties, this may be a great choice. If you are a clueless slacker, I would avoid this option.

“Move 5 Times Just For fun – and have your friends help”

This is kind of like drop kicking yourself in the behind. If you move enough times either change just becomes reality, or you burn yourself out so much you just don’t notice it. It at least gets you a good workout occasionally and dependent on your age, may keep some doctors in business. As far as your friends … you will probably lost at least 80% of them throughout the moves, thus inspiring the additional forced change of finding new friends ….. who will want you to try new things, and eventually pull you out of your dormant world (or help you move another 5 times, until they leave you too).

“Call Your Boss A Long List Of Very Descriptive Names”

Nothing brings on change like a new job, calling your boss a long list of very descriptive names usually brings that on. It usually brings a new income level and a new place to work (hopefully). Loss of a job or getting a new job forces change. It also let’s you meet more new people that will want you to do new things. Now, you want to use a little caution with this. Say your boss is a manager of a fitness store and works out daily. You might want to keep a distance while using this option. Or, if your boss happens to be tied into some unmentionable organizations …. you might want to find out about that first. On the bright side, though, even if you are not cautious with this option, change will happen regardless.

“Buy a Porsche”

This is the most fun of all of the options. It is usually the one you choose to coincide with a midlife crisis. Getting a Porsche can trigger change immensely, resulting in things like:

  • Your wife leaving you because you bought a Porsche instead of remodeling the house (which she now owns … see, a Porsche can inspire change)
  • Your wife leaving you because of the the hot 25 year olds now look at you on the road, and you smile back
  • Your friends leaving you because they were mostly your wife’s friends
  • Your dog leaving you, well because the lawyer gave your dog to your wife too

Alright …… the top stuff is just for fun, but change needs to happen. It will happen with or without you. You can be stupid and avoid it, or run with it. You can be negative and complain about not having the “good old days”, or look around you and see what is happening in the present and take part. You can enjoy and live life, or you can wallow in depression. It’s all your choice ….. change happens with or without you.  Yes, I related the Porsche ‘option’ mainly to men … just flip the genders around in your mind if you feel the need to be PC.

Sadly ‘A Dormant World’ will always be there. For the rest of us, we’ll be on vacation in the real world.

About my recent change:

I’m giving up live in the hottest “place to be and place to live” in Pittsburgh …. to get something even better: A loving wife and wonderful step-daughter. Going into the family life is a huge change for anyone, but more rewarding than you can ever imagine. If I embraced a Dormant World, instead of embracing change, It would have never happened.

Change = Life

Looks at our city and the people fighting change and use that as a good indicator of what not to do.


P.S. Not as sarcastic as normal ….. but that will come later.

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