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The WVU (West Virginia University) spin cycle

We put “West Virginia University” in quotes to let you know what WVU meant. We know that some people have a hard time with picking things up, so we at SWB like to help them out as much as possible. Unfortunately, for the president of WVU, that point has passed.

Now …. sometimes, for all of us, it sometimes takes a few nudges from someone to “get something”. Obviously for the president of WVU, he hasn’t figured out that they want him to leave. We’re not talkin’ a few nudges that were given to him in this situation …. it’s been a nudge, slap in the face, a few sucker punches, a left hook, and a kick to the groin. I know I’m hard headed, but at some point I would have realized I’ve really messed up a very notable University’s reputation … singlehandedly! There is nothing worse than a ego-concrete encased hard head. While most of them are in worthless places like upper management in very large companies, occasionally you get one in noble place (like a learning institution).

Favoritism … yep it happens. I’m thinking we might have a case of that here. Normally it gets corrected without issues (except for the few involved), and doesn’t ruin the reputation of a major learning space. It’s not entirely a bad thing ….. sometimes people have ended up in charge in places they really needed to be and allot of people in allot of realms benefited positively. It’s not all bad … but then again, it’s not all good.

In my opinion, I think the president should step down, on his own. Even if he has the best interest of WVU in his mind, and the biggest heart towards the staff, there is so much dissention at this point, not stepping down could keep the University from progressing for years, and could possibly continue to damage it’s reputation.

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