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Five Year Olds In Office

Original Post Date: October 24 2006

Ok, back to my favorite subject. If think it’s our local politicians, you are quite wrong! It’s adults acting like five year olds …… hmmmm, OK ….. so it is our politicians. BTW, I am exempting Luke from us, since his maturity about all the other politicians wanting to hold another election to see if he really should be mayor or not is amazing. I think he’ll have much more fun with them when he wins and all the other candidates go “oops, they really did want him in … and we just looked really bad and wasted Pittsburgh taxpayer money on doing this special election”. Oh …. just wait for the sh@t to fly off the fan blades during the mayoral election too …. I don’t see anyone yet running with enough gonads to actually run on what they believe without a smear campaign.

Anyway ….. back to the original topic. Have you noticed our senators and other various elected officials running for various positions on TV and in debates? Two trends I am see area: 1. The official use of the “I know what you are but what am I?” wordplay and 2. They have lowered the age to run for elected offices to five. Why do I say this? Did you see these jerks on TV? It looks like a live performance of the Doonesbury and Opus comic strips. The only thing these “candidates” are doing is keeping people from wanting to vote simply because the selection of possibilities has sucked for years. When you elect an official, that official becomes a representative of the people that elected that person and a reflection of those that elected them. So look at the candidates for the various offices and ask yourself “Would I sign my name to everything this elected office does even with the possibility of losing everything I own?”  Because believe it or not that is not far from the truth. High taxes, can’t afford them, right …. lost of more jobs to get, can’t afford that , right? ….. Can’t afford higher gas prices?, Right??? …. all this happens because of the actions of the elected officials you vote for. Most likely based on the morals and ethics found in people running for offices these days your answer will be “no” to the question above ….. well, that is unless you are one of the pre-programmed political party followers that just say “By your command …..”.  In no way am I telling you not to vote … so don’t take this that way … but take some time to look into options and think …. don’t just flick a toggle or press a button on a touch screen just because someone tells you to.
If there is anyway to write someone in that you think will be better for the job – write them in (let’s avoid the stupid ones like Mickey Mouse, and Goofy, etc ….. but feel free to write Pinky, the screaming weasel in). Does this mess things up …. yup.  If you don’t believe in the person elected, protest in front of their office ***PEACEFULLY*** …. that also means no name calling or anything remotely violent. Show the politicians you are exercising your rights with the same morals and ethics you expect THEM to use, or there is no reason to protest anything if you are going to act the same as the person you want to get out of office.
People can make a change ….. if they wish to. If you are presented with rotten food in restaurant you don’t have to eat it, right? …… you tell the chef that cooked it to cook it again or give your money back. You can do the same with your elected officials: If they mess up your city or state with their rotten and corrupt ways ….. you can tell them to leave too ….. remember what most people forget: They work for YOU. Personally I like the idea of kicking them all out and replacing them with actual five year olds as they tend to not lie, and aren’t old enough to even spell “corrupt”.
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