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Dormant World Pt.1

Original Post Date: November 6, 2006

Have you ever noticed a place or a person you have known for ten or twenty years suddenly change? You knew they had talent, or you knew the place had potential – but they, or it seemed to stand still in time for years, and then, all of a sudden …. boom. That’s right, boom …… all of a sudden the dorky guy or girl is riding around in a Lexus with all the other hot people, or a small town suddenly has more cool things in it than California. Usually this results in a person or two standing in the middle of the street looking dumbfounded.

As they say, timing is everything. Sometimes God or destiny (whichever you believe in) puts things in your way to keep you from doing things at the wrong time. Sometimes humans actually have enough sense to wait till the right time. Nobody truly knows how you get to that “right” time to do something. Maybe nature wipes a town clean with a natural disaster, giving it a chance to start again. Maybe a tragedy happens in your life that holds you back. Maybe nothing happens, and you only have to wait till you have enough ambition or courage to do something.
Unfortunately, allot of people ignore “the right time” because they are too scared to take a chance. Just because it is the right time to try to do something does not mean it will actually work …. it just means you have a better chance of making it work. That is why many times you see a person ignore the big “neon sign” in front of them telling them it is the right time, now. People generally don’t like change, especially if they are the ones that have to make it. To get more to the direct point, if someone takes a chance and makes a change in an area and it does not work out, there is the fear of being made fun of because the change did not work. Contrary to popular belief – being made fun of for any reason, is not a character builder.
This hesitance for people to take chances, start new businesses, or change their lives is what results in a dormant world. In this dormant world people tend to watch while others or other places around them evolve and get better. The more and more they see the changes around them, the more they fear change and fear losing what they already have, thus going deeper into dormancy.
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